Week 1

On September 20, RubyGardens course started. It’s the third time we enroll trainees. And this time, the rush around the courses was very serious. Not sure whether we should thank some Ruby magic or the previous successful 2 RubyGarden courses, but we can proudly declare that, we get more and more candidates each time a new course is announced. And now it’s clear that you CAN learn Ruby in 3 months.

After the enrollment, 12 candidates were chosen (and the good news is that three of them are girls!).There are great chances that Belarusian Ruby Community will get three charming Ruby-ladies soon.

All the trainees learn the basics right now. And from the very beginning they learn SCRUM methodology.
Tutors admit good skills level and healthy ambitions of the students who can’t wait to start the “I am a rubist” project. We will speak about this later. Stay tuned!

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